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How to Upload/Install a Wordpress Theme Through Wordpress Dashboard

There are two basic ways of installing a WordPress theme which can either be through the WordPress admin dashboard or using the Cpanel file manager.

We will be discussing how to install your WordPress theme using these two formats but first, we will be looking at how to upload themes via the WordPress admin panel 

How to Upload WordPress theme through the WordPress admin dashboard 

Installing a WordPress theme through the WordPress dashboard has proved to be the easiest method of upload and installing a theme on your website. 

Let look at the step-by-step procedures on how to successfully install a theme through the WordPress dashboard.

  1. First login to your admin dashboard
  2. Navigate to appearance 
  3. Select theme
  4. Click on add new theme

Now to successfully upload the theme make sure your theme is in zip format and the file you uploading is just the theme and not a folder containing the theme.

  1. Click on upload theme
  2. Select the theme you want to upload
  3. Click on upload
  4. After your theme has successfully uploaded click on activate and your uploaded theme will be activated successfully.
You can use this method to upload any type of WordPress theme 


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