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How to install wordpress on your host


Today we are going to be discussing how you can successfully set up wordpress on your host. Wordpress is the most used CMS out there and it is mostly use because it is more easy to navigate through and you can create almost any type of website you need with wordpress with less or zero coding knowledge.

No need for long talks let move straight to how to install wordpress after you might have gotten your host. 

Step by step guide on installing wordpress on your host 

 Installing Automatically using Softaculous:

Many hosting service provider offers a one click wordpress installation in combination with cpanel. This let you install wordpress without having to stress yourself.

Steps in installing automatically

  1. First you have to login to your hosting client area by visiting
  2. Select the host you want to install the the wordpress. (Different hosting company have different dashboard so it depends on the hosting company you using)
  3. After you have selected the host to use it should open up and you will see  cpanel login click on it and you will be automatically redirected to cpanel
  4. Navigate down till you find Softaculous 

Click on the Wordpress logo and you click the install tab.

On this page, you need to fill out the details of your WordPress installation.

Choose the domain - enter the domain you wish to install WordPress on.

Specify the root folder for installation. The Directory field is empty by default, leaving this way WordPress assumes you’re using WordPress on your website, for instance, You may install it to a subfolder if just your blog will be powered by WordPress for example,, type "blog" in this field.

Database Name can be left as the default.

The default wp_; Table Prefix can remain, but for increased security, we recommend to changing it to something unique, like wpwebsitename_.

Fill the Site Settings (you can change these at any time as needed).

Hit Install when you’re ready.

This is where Softaculous now takes over. It will run the installer with the settings you provided and deliver a success message on completion, along with a link to your site and another link to your WordPress admin area. Click the latter link and login to your dash to start work on your website.


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