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Building your own website(simplified guide)

 To successfully run a business online in this 21st generation there is need to own a website to control all of your organization's activities online and get noticed by people within and far from your vacinity.

Here we would be giving you a simplified guide to help you achieve that website you have in mind to build either for private or commercial use.

What do I need to get my own website up and running

Setting up a website either a blog or any type of website hosted on wordpress, blogger or a those making use of the php script is kind of less technical to setup depending on your preference.

Enough of the talking, let move straight down to what you would be needing to set up your own wordpress as a beginner.

Before you can successfully setup a website you need to have the following in place:

1. What type of website you want to create: First before deciding to start up a website you must have extensively thought about what the website will be used for. For example we have different types of website which includes: E-commerce, NGO, Business Website, Investment, Landing page, News Aggregator etc. 

2. Domain name : Before you might have thought of starting your own website you must have gotten a name on your head you want to call it just like we have

You can lookup a domain at Domainking , Godaddy etc

3. Host: There different hosting packages you can chose from ranging from the free hosting down to the paid hosting and you can get a cheap host for as low as 4500naira with a free extension for your domain for a year.

For the free hosting you can lookup Blogger which is owned by Google and come with a free extension i.e while using this you will have something like though you can also add a custom domain extension like, .com, .net etc.

For the paid ones you will have to purchase an hosting plans from hosting companies. I deal with Domainking and over the years they have been the doing great. Their support system is 100% impressive and you can chose between monthly or yearly plan. With 4500naira you can get a year host with a free extension for a year.

On our next post I will be showing you how to purchase a domain or hosting from domainking.

Best Regards.


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